Monday, July 6, 2009

Arab Hopsitality and Hope

I had to fit yesterday's run it a tight time frame. So it was short. I have been emptying my kitchen for two days in preparation for a complete overhaul and renovation. That part of the project had to be done by Sat. because there would be no time to complete the clean out yesterday (Sun. because of church and a fantastic afternoon evening and night out with friends) and the destruction of the old kitchen begins today. Many of our friends are Arab, all Christians from different countries and let me tell you, they can cook and they understand hospitality. But I digress...the run had to be short fast because I had to fit it in between church and going out. I ran just under 3 1/4 miles at about 8.24 min. I'm no Speedy Gonzales and I haven't been working on speed drills or been in that mindset lately so pushing to work under 8 or even 8 min miles were not going to happen. I'm glad I ran though. I hope to run later this evening when the workers leave. I also wanted to note that aside from great food and warm company there was something else which left an impression on me yesterday. There were several of the families in attendance (and I speak of only those that I know about) who are currently going through some major trials in their private lives. Health scares, loss, and terminal family and yet they all celebrate the blessings God gave them. They don't disregard their pain or sorrow or fear but they walk through it with faith. They remember why life is so precious family, children, and good friends. They don't preach their faith they live it quietly and with dignity. It's a bit ironic but I think my run was the digression in this post.

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