Saturday, July 4, 2009

Get Ready to Run and Fly

Today's run was pretty good. It took some concentration during the middle to end part. There was a time when I could have sworn I was sleeping. It is amazing how I can lose blocks of time it's so hypnotic. For non-runners try and think of those times you may not recall all of the actual drive to a destination. Then all of a sudden it was over. It doesn't matter too much how quickly I move; basically I'll be running a while. Today was a little over seven miles so combined with my last run I only have about 78 miles to meet this months goal. For non runners it may seem steep but for runners its mild. If I was training for an event then I'd add a long run once a week and that would bump up the mileage but I use my 'off season' (summer time) to just stay in shape and not lose fitness. It is a good way to prevent injury. During today's run I did a lot of thinking and one small point I don't mind sharing is the time spent in the air. I hear a lot about the negative to running with all the pounding and pressure put on the joints but not too many people focus on the time spent flying through the air. The next time you go for a run think about the time you spend off the ground something walkers don't get. When I was a kid I used to simply love to swim when I wasn't pretending to be a dolphin (I know corny but I was a kid) I used to pretend I could fly as I would glide through the water.

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