Saturday, July 11, 2009

Dr. Steven Brem Neuro Suregeon Extraordinare--Meningioma GONE

I would like to thank Dr. Steven Brem Chief of Neuro-oncology at Moffit Cancer Hospital. He removed a brain tumor from my frontal lobe three years ago today. This morning I woke up had my coffee and waited to hear "MA, MA!!!" from Euphemia the baby. I was in surgery at that time three years ago while my kids waited and my husband worried. Today has been a day of reflection. Of course there are those moments when I would hear myself yelling for more cooperation from my teens and then I remember the road this family has walked together. Today I ran just under 8.25 miles on the treadmill and watched some cable show. I just had the cable brought into that room which gave my brain a break and all I had to do was zone out and watch my show.

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