Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Running the Long Haul

Yesterday I began my run and stopped after just over a half a mile. I think I have only done that twice before. I had a killer cramp from the very beginning and without a race to prepare for I decided that running through the pain would only take something small and make it an issue. Not everything has to prove something. Today I ran 7.25 miles and stopped because I was done. I was a bit apprehensive during the beginning of the run I even thought about warming up first but I quickly moved through the apprehension and just ran. The nagging cramp never returned and I simply noted that my sneakers are worn as the discomfort under my metatarsal was returning. I have a bad habit of grabbing whatever sneakers are around to run sometimes. This pair I wore today is kept for weed wacking not running. I'll have to pitch them to be sure I don't wear them running again. It's sounds ridiculous and perhaps it is but I think it is like not keeping junk food in the house. If the junk is in the house it is only a matter of time, albeit a long time perhaps, before its consumed or in this case worn.

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