Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Orignial Poetry: Designer Opium

Poet: Angela Damianakis M.S.W

The Dungeon of Oblivion
This blessed life of ease
A stupor it has left us
A toxin of sweet liquor
Dosed we lay unaware
Willingly mesmerized
Unacquainted with the warfare waged
Slipping into nothingness
Morality diminished
Dogma marginalized
Distractions pacify
Forsaken by our own hand
In the wake of easy living
An opium of convenience
Now tainted and polluted
Soft, dull and lethargic.
Racing raging in high dudgeon
Stupefied and bewildered
Seek worldly cures for a spiritual lacking.
Such an approach ill-fated.
When in not in a pique
We are the walking waking dead.
As zombies mummified in our designer labels.
Rather visit frequently the True Miracle Mile.
Walk the runway to His Throne.
Discard your Gucci rags
Adorn yourself in His Holy Garment.
Break free from your vice
The Prison of Oblivion.

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