Monday, July 27, 2009

who has time for questions?

Questions are important to ask and to seek the logical and moral answers to. As citizens of the U.S we need to rightly ask what kind of country are we becoming where divorce is the norm and abortion has become a right? In the past election is it obvious that voters wanted Washington business as usual to change and that is understandable but to what? People wanted be a part of the history to heal the wounds of slavery and segregation and discrimination and to put an end to our nation's history in this area. What are we becoming however? What is potentially happening to health care, to state rights, to freedom of speech to our ability to practice our religious beliefs in public without having to completely sanitize them into some spiritual universality appealing junk? Likewise when we see our church being criticized and a call for change in the business as usual what are we looking to change exactly? it would be nice without trashing what has worked for millennia to encourage those who identify themselves in ethnic terms to explore opening Orthodoxy to non-(fill in the blank) as a belief system an ideology. This uniformity will not strip us of our ethnic heritage but will allow us to share it with others and also more importantly will reinforce what it means to be Americans. After all to be American is not a race or group of one peoples but to adopt and subscribe to a set of ideological principles. Likewise to be an Orthodox Christan is to also adopt and uphold another set of principles. It is not about being an ethnic Greek but it is the Greek Orthodox Church no matter what state flag is flown. I want to clarify at the outset that I am not comparing slavery and oppression and the need to fight against it and the changes being made within the church. I am drawing more the comparison between the need to ask questions about the direction change will take us in as a free nation and as Orthodox Christians. I want all to come to know Christ the Savior who is found in the fullness of His revelation in the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church but I am not willing to make it more user friendly somehow to get more people in the door. It is not about trying to remove certain languages or make it easier for people to assimilate. Let's remember that it is Greek and even Arabic that we find the most ancient Biblical texts. Let's also be fair in mentioning that Sts. Cyril and Methodious where sent out by the Greek Orthodox Church to bring Orthodoxy to the Slavs and yes in there own language so that they can share it with the people. So if your experience has been with some bigoted ethnic people move on deal with it just as I and many others have had to deal with the ignorance of the proliferation of statements made about the true keepers of the Orthodox Faith the Greek Orthodox Church and all of her Holy Martyr and Theologians and Church Fathers. Keep in mind that the church in American is in it's adolescence not adulthood. We can embrace the enthusiasm and energy without yielding to the misguided over simplified steps of youth.

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