Sunday, July 19, 2009

lording over laziness

Let's remain focused on what is important let's explore fortitude. There is the type which pushes one into action to take action to do. The there is the latter which keeps one steady on the course in action. It is sometimes perceived as endurance which is one's ability gained from one's fortitude. Getting into action consistently is what keeps one steady and which in turn develops endurance. One's effort never diminishes as the expectations and goals move forward and become more demanding. One can become accustomed to putting forth such effort demonstrating great determination by not getting side tracked by some discomfort or inconvenience. One's habits can push one through laziness or a lag in motivation.
Today was a simple enough run. There were times when the miles moves swiftly enough and then other times when they lagged. As it turns out sweat is both the grease that keeps the wheels moving and the steam which overheats the engine.

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