Monday, July 13, 2009

Casting Pearls Before Swine

I had a dialogue with my closest confidant and friend this past weekend about the nature of my blog entries. It would appear that I have been reactive instead of responsible. I am responsible to remain steadfast in my complete belief and defense of my faith in the One True Church and in my support of the Ecumenical See. I should not however yield my decision making control to the antagonists. I have expended so much effort to dismiss the naive thoughts and claims made by others that I have failed to speak the truth responsibly rather then defensively. So to all those who would like to obsess within the framework of their small networks and in some cases minds I refer you to the AOI website and from there you will surely be referred to like minded sites.

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful reflections (esp. re: AOI). It's true most bloggers are reactive. Your commitment to Orthodoxy and to the Holy See of Constantinople is shared by many. I've been blessed to visit the Phanar a few times. Thank you for persevering.