Thursday, July 2, 2009

Contemporary Academic Theology (whatever that is)

The Ecumenical Patriarchate has withstood many trials, tribulations, heresy, war and oppression proclaiming with all vigor the One True Faith. It has continued throughout the millennium with an inner strength and resiliency. Orthodox Patristic Theology has never been lost or forsaken. The Ecumenical Throne has never forsaken the unchanging teachings and Theology of the Church. There is no innovation and therefore no room for error. Despite resent claims by splinter groups in the United States the Ecumenical Throne has maintained the Orthodox ethos completely and has embraced the variety of wonderful ethnic expressions of it. Some Orthodox groups in the U.S have failed to assimilate their own thinking into the Orthodox Traditions.

This most recent attempt by the OCA to begin anew without proper authority may find itself completely confounded and hopelessly lost. This attempt to start over by its own judgement is riddled with danger. Too many OCA church leaders and lay people from several jurisdictions discuss Orthodoxy and the course of the Orthodoxy with a nearsightedness. Their premise is convoluted due to their narrow and limited understanding of Orthodoxy. There are several Orthodox jurisdictions who are in fact experiencing an identity crisis and wish to drag the established Orthodox community into the mud. Their belief speaks more to their own uncertainty and far less to the state of the Mother Church. The recent comments and direction of the OCA is restricted to their own attempts to stop corruption within their own ranks and is indicative of their own division.

I am most concerned that they wish to take corrective action against the Ecumenical Throne. The OCA couldn't be trusted to manage it's own coffers! They couldn't be trusted with something as common, as futile, as money how could I being of sound mind and body, trust them with the direction of the Orthodox Church in the United States. They have yet decided who they are and who they want to be when they are all grown up. The Ecumenical Throne is continuing as it always has as the beacon and Light of the World. I hope Met. Jonah discontinues his quest for some misguided Patristic revival which risks to effectively cut itself off from its Orthodox roots. So while the OCA continues to spiral out of control it will no doubt continue to with its rhetoric which puts it at odds with the Ecumenical Throne effectively deepen the OCA's foundation in contemporary academic theology whatever that is.

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The blog at is on the outside of Orthodox norms, but their posts are very pro-Phanar. It has a lot of Phanar posts and always advocating the Halki Seminary and Greek human rights in Turkey. They are three priests, from Constantinople, Athens, and Canada. This one and the link on it really exposes the OCA ...