Friday, July 3, 2009

CNN Turk referendum on re-opening of Halki

Dear Fellow Orthodox Christians,
CNN Turk is currently conducting an electronic referendum on the topic of the reopening the Theological School of Halki. This is a major milestone in the struggle to reopen our Theological School. It would be a victory for all Orthdox Christians regardless of afficliation. Vote “yes” today.

Instructions: Cast your vote in the right column down towards the middle of the page. For those who do not speak Turkish, the poll is found in large letters "ANKET" with the question "Sizce Heybeliada Ruhban Okulu acilimail mi?" Yes in Turkish is EVET, then click on the red button below to cast your vote.
Please fowad this to all on your mailing list. Each vote counts!!! Inaction is a vote against.
In His service I remain

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