Monday, November 9, 2009

back peddling or safety nets

Commitment forging ahead with out all the back peddling or safety nets. Trying to sure up losses is the wrong approach. Counseling or mentoring someone who functions with this mindset is difficult and meets with little success. Preparing for loss and failure is expending effort not to succeed. Now this does not mean to cast  caution to the wind and live out your dreams or reach for your goals recklessly. I am speaking more to the mindset with would be hypocritical as I encourage others to take risks but remain in the harbor myself. Success is measured in many ways monetary, personal satisfaction, and measurable outcomes. Profits are not always the bottom line, they do however provide the grease to keep the wheels going. Likewise, takings dreams to the next plane, to reality, requires some sweat equity and persistence. The payoff is there and may come in the most uncommon ways. The Gospel readings remind us today not that God will provide only but that we are about more then bread more then clothing. These are necessary in some measure and desirable, but they are only one part. The lilies of the field soak up the sunshine and beauty; while the raven fly about the skies. Get out and run and soak up the sun and fly through the fields of your neighborhood. These realities are not for sale and are more then just a piece they are a reflection of the whole too.

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