Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Responding to Professional or Personal Attacks

Your point about coming across petty and unprofessional is well taken. However, I do maintain it necessary to address such opinions publicly. I was publicly attacked my intentions, competency and motivation. I wan not initially directly addressed. I received 'notifications' through a third party.

Her argument that I and others like me profiteer off the orthodox faith is serious and held in some superstitious circles.
On that point professionally her fallacious argument needed to be address head on. If you read along you notice I simply take her position to the next level.
It only appears personal when toward the very end when I end with humor to diffuse the weight of the conflict and make an SNL and Prozac reference.
There are those who would prefer that outsiders remain out and that only clerics provide guidance and support.
I never indicate that my product or service sells a religion or way of life. I provide objective judgement and have many skills or background to draw from to assist participants in their search. My approach doesn't conflict with ideals (intentionally or in knowledge) and I can't permit bullies to insert fear mongering and character assassination into the process.
Next the small mindedness of people like Suzanne will take us from our God given reason.

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