Sunday, November 29, 2009

For First Timers: Welcome

My skills and experience in traditional clinical practice successfully translates to the field of consulting because I incorporate the technical skill and clinical theory as I assist you in realizing your inner strength, peace and joy. Coaching, as designed at ORTHO PRAXIS CONSULTING, builds on a broad knowledge base and achievements without the inherent restrictive nature of the bureaucratic hierarchical style of clinical therapies.
For me I maintain that the primary distinction between consulting and therapy has all to do with mindset and how that effects methodology. This discernment between the two is pivotal and its what brought me to ORTHO PRAXIS CONSULTING. It is the defining moment in my professional career. While both consulting or coaching and therapy are aimed at helping individuals improve the quality of their lives, coaching liberates both the coach and the participant from the therapeutic trappings with its pathologybased underpinnings and trappings. There is a natural inclination to feel more at ease with Consulting because of its holistic approach to a more fulfilled existence and because the process has been liberated from traditionalism.
At ORTHO PRAXIS CONSULTING my philosophy and practice is founded on emphasizing personal strength while teaching higher functioning skills so that older more primitive and limiting functioning becomes obsolete. It is about more then simply reframing the sessions. It is about its mission and function. ORTHO PRAXIS CONSULTING serves as a navigator for rebirth and resurrection from the bondage of zombie like living as your preconceived limitations are banished. Together we raise the bar of expectation for wonderful things in your life.
When you deny yourself time at ORTHO PRAXIS CONSULTING, and the opportunity to work with your personal lifestyle consultant it is like living in denial about what is lacking. It is a way of settling for what you have out of a fear of what should or could be. The fear of the unknown keeps people from getting want they want personally and professionally. Because you and I work in a partnership you will not be alone and the challenges which arise will be addressed together. There will be no more procrastination as I guide you through fear and coach you on more effective problem solving techniques. With each success your confidence and momentum will build.
As your Consultant I do not spend your time and money addressing a possible pathology and its etiology. Instead, I will help you identify and help you take action to move toward what is central to your personal identity professionally and personally. Identifying what you value and how to acquire it becomes your goal. Most individuals who demonstrate an interest in ORTHO PRAXIS CONSULTING are highly motivated to improve the quality of personal wellness, performance at work and at play while decreasing everyday stressors.

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