Sunday, November 1, 2009

Tamma to church. 93% Humidity whew! Lots of Numbers Too

I ran to church. The only bad part is map-quest said the distance was 16 but the escalade said it was 13.5. It took me longer then I would have liked though. 2 hours 14 min. Of course that includes waiting on a few traffic lights and two brief walks for peanut m&m refueling. FYI they are not as good as sour skittles. I scared the daylights out of one man who was walking and passed one woman runner. I just love that. I ran for Erine and Paula and for the Archons and the Ecumenical Patriarch who was on my mind during much of the run.  The funny part I forgot about the time change and got to church 1hour and 15min.early. It was a cool 74 degrees 22c with 93% humidity. My husband brought my clothes to church and I cleaned up in the restroom. I plan on running to church more often and picking up speed. I think training long and slow has made me slow. I know I didn't want to run out too quickly over estimating the distance. I also think I may be running to relaxed on Sat. mornings.

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