Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sat. Morning Run Scrapped Ran 6 Instead

I was simply not into getting up this morning at 5.45 so when the alarm sounded I silence it and got another   another 2.5 hours of shut eye. I was hoping to get eight in but resigned to doing only six because I have had some hip issues and running on sneakers with about 600 miles on them. I am determined regardless of conditions to run the disney marathon for a third time and I will have to set all expectations of a PR to the side.

OrthoPraxis Consulting and Classic Fitness are holding Empowerment Gatherings and we are optimistic that we have found an ideal niche. More on that to come as we have been securing intellectual rights to the concept. I will be hosting retreats in St. Pete Florida and continue to provide private consulting for those interested in living authentically and enacting Christian belief into practice. Too many have been misled  by new age imitations. I guide individuals by listening to their fears and anxiety and help them to consistently engage with their Trinitarian selves. This is not a quick fix system by a life changing process.

I also provide lectures and workshops which are motivational and empower the participant to embrace their individuality. Remember You are a new creature in Christ and I will help you believe it. I will help your unbelief. You may not question God and His greatness but you might doubt the change that is underway in your life. You don't have to anymore.

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