Wednesday, November 4, 2009

packaging intangible services

Muscle Breakdown.I was quite surprised by the tear-down of the muscle in my legs from Sunday. I ran just under three yesterday with Mia as it was cool enough to head out during the pre noon hour. My legs were making themselves known but were not screaming. The prospect of running another marathon in two months increases the pressure to run. My philosophy of running for the joy is side stepped by the task before me. Last night I stepped out professionally at the Luxury Marketing Group. I was a guest of a member and was grateful for the time to mingle and listen. I was able to make a few connections but am most encouraged by a professional relationship which was planted and cultivated with L. I don't  manage affluent people as defined by this group.  Because this was kicking off a new chapter there was push for membership. I was glad to get back into the career minded mode and hear the jargon and lingo being slung. It's all about intelligence (information) and packaging intangible services. By bundling with providers to the affluent you can 'convince' your client base that you are capable. Understanding branding is important and brand association or reputation is also important. Just passing along the nuts and bolts.

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