Thursday, November 26, 2009

Professional Integrity: good faith and correct belief and assertions

As a follow-up to my last entry about responding to personal attacks and professional deformation i would like refer to a post made at  Precisely because my consulting services and this blog for that matter are not official church entities and do not represent the church officially it is imperative for me to function with the utmost integrity and authenticity to the task before me. There is no place for politicizing my work or opinion. The readers of this blog and my consulting services depend, in full measure, upon the good faith and correct belief and assertions of owners and operators. Of course they were using their position to argue that too many non official church related sites and mediums contradict such integrity and belief but their point is well taken.

On an unrelated matter I wish they would allow comments on their site again.


Leftmost said...

I'm just happy their blog is up. They've gone offline for half a year at a time. It's frustrating cus one day they'll just be gone, no explanation. Heck they once said they were going offline for good. Then they came back, they almost never give enough behind-the-scenes explanations for their absences.

Anywho, you both run good blogs. :)

Angela Damianakis m.s.w said...

jn1034 and its incarnations is the best blog i have come across period. i have grown in my faith and understanding exponentially. i thrive on their mastery of linguistics. I admit their coming and going leaves me with some unresolved feelings.

Leftmost said...

Seconded. As far as the coming and going, they usually chalk it up to the overall unpopularity within the Orthodox world, and needing to go into, "Stealth mode."

That's why you never talk about a blog like JN1034 except when you can remain anonymous, as they do. Don't wanna get, "beat-up".