Saturday, November 7, 2009

Picking up the Pace

Some of the joy was lacking during this weeks thirteen miler. I had a rude awakening during last weeks run that I became soft and sucked the endurance out of my runs. They had become so lax that all they equipped me to do was run slow. Today I picked up the pace and disliked the first half of my run. I knew that success is based largely in my attitude which needed tweaking.  The usually runners were out and about. They are standoffish as they probably perceived my solitary running to imply some anti social factor. Building new relationships as an adult seems superficial and hallow. The dojo was hosting a 5k at the park so I finished up there. I saw my senseis there and it was a mixed bag. I've definately moved on. The pressure of potentially running another marathon two months from now is starting to build and gain momentum. I would like to PR and not doing so would leave me disappointed and intellectually I think that it is so stupid to run 26.2 miles only to feel badly. Today I have an Empowerment Gathering which I need to prepare for.

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