Sunday, November 22, 2009

Insidious plans are alarmIng for non-Muslims, Turkey’

Hakan Çelik, award-winning journalist who knows the world

Hakan Çelik has been the Ankara representative of the Posta daily for the last five-and-a-half years. He has been a columnist for the newspaper since 1997. Çelik’s “Weekend” show on the Habertürk TV station was among the most widely viewed weekend shows in Turkey. He now has a similar show on Kanal 24. In addition, his TRT-3 radio music show “Tren Yolculuğu” (Train Ride) takes listeners on a smooth journey on Sundays. A graduate of İstanbul University’s School of Communication and Political Science, he has been a journalist since 1988 and has received many awards.

‘Insidious plans are alarmIng for non-Muslims, Turkey’

You attach great importance to recognizing the rights of minorities and non-Muslim Turkish citizens of the country. You also say the Heybeliada seminary should be reopened. Please elaborate.
I am ashamed of the fact that the seminary is still closed. There are only 2,500 Greeks left in Turkey. They cannot educate their future religious leaders without having such schools. They have to bring religious leaders from Greece to Turkey. Turkey should realize that if the İstanbul-based Greek Orthodox Patriarchate loses ground, other Orthodox patriarchates in the world would gain power, and there could be related political developments which would not please Turkey. And there is an ongoing debate in Turkey about the ecumenical status of Patriarch Bartholomew. He has been recognized as ecumenical by other patriarchates and that means he is ecumenical. This is an interfaith issue that Turkey should not have a debate on. Plus, Patriarch Bartholomew is a respected member of Turkish society. He is a Turkish citizen who served in the Turkish military. He has been received by respect and honored in every country he goes to. It is a big plus for Turkey to have him as the ecumenical patriarch and to have the patriarchate in İstanbul. Turkey should promote that in the world with ongoing campaigns.
22 November 2009, Sunday
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