Thursday, November 12, 2009

Being happy is not the point having joy is more to the point.

As the daylight comes to a close earlier with each passing day so too does some of my enthusiasm. I am cautiously optimistic as my OrthoPraxis Consulting  is booking workshops and developing relationships with local businesses. I am learning what all the numbers really boil down to and realize that volume and exclusivity are odd bedfellows. I wanted to shake off some of the cement that seems to be settling around me. yesterday I headed out for a long run  knowing that I am suppose to be running the Disney Marathon in January, so I better get out and run. Last night I ran from the house to Church. The weather has been in the low seventies and slightly windy. It would have been near perfect it is wasn’t running during rush hour and if I didn't think that the intermittent rain didn’t put me at risk with the road traffic. I also had to run more cautiously because the road was slick with rain and oil. I lost a lot of time running the overpasses when I had to move into traffic areas because the trail veers off into isolated dark unwelcoming stretches. Definitely better taking my chances with the road. I ran on the grass up hill in the rain for almost two miles. I could have done without the the hazards but I always enjoy running when the windy kicks up a bit and I set off on an adventure. I was a run full of flow. It is a blessing to be able to change gears internally and be able to reach for the mystical the indefinable X factor. This practice can be a frequent and dependable companion. I find people who run consistently who claim never to experience a runners high or a flow are missing the point. It is about more then catching your second wind it is about making connections with the spiritual the noetic part of your being. If you are seeking it purely from a biological place you will miss it for sure. If you are searching for a mile marker or pace to set peak conditions for it again wrong signpost. If you embrace the work of your body and the efficiency with which it transports your body from point A to point B then use that model to engage your noetic self the soul the nous your nucleus then you can use the run to commute to holier states and mystical mindsets. Without infusing into everything the understanding that apart from God all is useless and void of essential meaning you could run circles around the globe chasing rainbows and never find what you seek. “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God…” When we look at our life let’s not ask ‘was that my life? Was that what I made of it? Did I lay it waste to the cares of this world to the dependency on the woes and poor me’s?” provided we are persistently seeking how to fit into God’s plan then our lives regardless of challenges will never feel or be wasted. Being happy is not the point having joy is more to the point.

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