Saturday, November 28, 2009

Why Orthopraxis Consulting

As the therapeutic community changed its practice and began functioning as an industry, my professional efforts had been side blinded with funding guidelines and productivity quotas. The treatment I was providing was restructured and was no longer client centered. My time became inundated with paperwork and administrative mandates dictating treatment goals and measures to satisfy funding source demands. Thus, the very scope of my job description was irreparably changing to the detriment of my patients.

Consequently, I reconsidered my role as clinician and therapist and seriously considered another forum serve people and not ‘treat’ them. Believing that the primary conduit for healing is the relationship itself, I developed my ideology on healing first by safeguarding the integrity of the relationship. Healing begins with the relationship between the participant and a skilled, intuitive and knowledgeable guide. Adhering to the restrictive ‘treatment’ model or philosophies with its administrative requirements is counterproductive because it seek to justify its very presence and protect its own interests; not the client.

During a seven year hiatus I developed this ideological plan and envisioned a safe unrestricted space of healing. ORTHO PRAXIS CONSULTING was realized with its mission to inspire, facilitate, educate and empower individuals. Navigating present boundaries and perceived limitations the client can live each day peacefully and passionately. As your consultant I employ a full range of practical and innovative protocols which embrace your mind, your body and your forgotten Spirit. You will be able to free yourself from the bondage of what you fear: in a safe, comfortable and private setting. Together we celebrate your uniqueness; embracing your distinctive gifts and blessings, while identifying your needs, wants, and strategically implementing your goals.

One objective of ORTHO PRAXIS CONSULTING is to gently and skillfully empower you the individual to heal by taking action on your own behalf. By identifying what is right for you, making positive decisions and embracing feelings which result, the healing force of your Spirit generates a momentum in your life that will foster personal well being and measurable accomplishment. Experiencing joy and contentment defines success at ORTHO PRAXIS CONSULTING.

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