Friday, August 7, 2009

Blogging Taking a Back Seat

After finishing my run I put the stats down and headed out to the pool for some catch football with my son. He was playing by himself when I realized two is more fun. I cooled off while he showed off calling out football plays aloud. I know that he is growing up so fast but he still looks forward to our time together something which takes a backseat to life pressure and the demands of a almost two year old. I realized how long it has been since he and I just played volley (tennis) or catch (football) or a host of other sports together. First it was brain surgery, then pregnancy then a baby. He was waited a long long time for us time. He shouldn't have to wait at all. As for my run the miles just melted away. It was a good five + miles. I enjoyed it. It seems like forever since I have been able to say that.

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