Monday, August 31, 2009

The Orthodox Church said... In response to Isa

The Orthodox Church said...

In response to Isa:

1)Your log on the website doesn’t disprove that you are wrong factually about Orthodoxy in America.

2)The point was your were wrong about the first church in Istanbul and the growth of Russian population there

3)Your plurality of the Autocephalous Churches which recognize the OCA's autocephaly is at best a laughable position. LOL! Irrespective of Moscow acknowledging her illegitimate daughter (the OCA): Bulgaria, Poland and the Czech Lands don't constitute an Orthodox plurality. LOL

4)Actually, just returned from Jerusalem with meeting with Patriarch… The church is struggling because of the Jewish state not because of the Greeks

You’d know that if your obvious myopic vitriol and latent envy for Greeks wasn’t clouding your statements

As far as documentation every statement you make anybody can do that: the Turks document the Genocide wasn’t.

And Yes I can prove for centuries the Moscow Patriarchate has acted un-canonically all the way up to Saint Tikhon creating a diocese for an entire continent for the first time in all Christian History.

Furthermore, if your Passions didn’t cloud your judgment you would see that it is not ‘Elgreca’ weeping for your extinction but ‘theorthodoxchurch’ post which is pointing out the OCA’s un-canonical status and inevitable assimilation into one 'Canonical' Orthodox Church of America acknowledged by ALL Canonical Churches not just the Slavic Lands!

31 August, 2009

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