Thursday, August 20, 2009

Force Times Distance Resulting in Motion --Work

Saint Paul relief icon with 22k gold leaf gesso board egg tempera.
Master Iconographer Elias Damianakis

So basically running is work. Running is force times distance which results in motion. Running is the one activity which will consistently get my attention and get my body moving. Running requires the mind, body, spirit connection. It gets my attention almost immediately and even if one of the three parts of running drift off the body is still moving the spirit is still souring or crashing depending on the moment and the mind is still noting these changes. The lead suit called fatigue must be ignored and you must continue. Telling yourself that it just doesn't matter and to suck it up and move ahead anyway is one of the most character building examination and behavior. It hardens not only your muscles but your mind. The key is in the not minding so much. We have become soft and supple in this day and age where comfort and ease are the determining factors for success. We need to throw off such notions work smarter not harder but work regardless. Blessing is not equatable with satiation or fullness or ease. Blessing require responsibility and follow through. Likewise healing is a process which is similar to training small measures over time transform. It is not hocus pocus. It is the often times gradual modification of behavior, interruption of sometimes obsessive or intrusive thoughts or cycles; coupled or paired with consistent effort to reconnect with what is holy and true. Prayer is work carrying one's cross is difficult and sometimes we carry it even during the most trying times not just when we perceive ourselves as able. This is were practice comes in. Practice and train for the difficult times and you will soon find that fatigue comes later in the processes or not at all.

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