Sunday, August 30, 2009

Character Assasination Well and Good at AOI

Thank you Father for showing me clearly now what back- biting slander is. George quote Marx nice touch. Am I and others to believe that you are more informed than Arch. Bishop Demetrios? Anyone who has spent 5 seconds listening or being in the presence of the man knows his heart. He is a true genius working for the salvation of the newly lit church in America during his tenur. Am I now to consult with you on doctrin, dogma and all matters regarding the Church. Father, you discuss the OCN being the mouthpiece for the EP, not that I agree at all with you, however you yourself are jaded by your own experience and remiss in not openly acknowledging your bias. I'm easy to explain I am a true believer and I am all in without hesistation and with boldness.

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