Thursday, August 13, 2009

Don't Let Training be the Distraction

I don't want my life to be preoccupied with running or training as I often loosely refer to it. The run is suppose to give a point during the day when the focus is on mind body and spirit cohesion. Too much of my life has been where there was disunity and disconnect. This time spent integrating the three establishes a koinia a space for conversion. I can't approach the body of the church if I am running away from my 'temple' (body). I can't intellectually respond to the spiritual discourse if I am not able to go inward and self-reflect living in a world of denial. I need to bring to a halt the weakness which the enemy exploits and use it for good. In the psychological circles this would be called sublimation. Running essentially brings my mind and soul into focus by pressuring the body into submission. Its change is slow but it is real and evident. This process of attempting some noetic experience while still in the world is not hocus pocus it required self discipline and a nurturing. I hope that running helps in this purpose or it is in vain that I have made such an effort to keep in motion. Ironically I have to move to remain still.

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