Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Patriarch Kirill: No nuclear shield is able to protect any country lacking spiritual values

Severodvinsk, August 24, Interfax -

Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia believes that Russia's defense capacity should be supported with fostering Orthodox values."You should not be ashamed of going to church and teaching Orthodox faith to your children. Then we shall have something to defend with our missiles," Patriarch said at a meeting with the workers of the Northern Shipyard (Sevmash) in Severodvinsk.Patriarch noted that "Today, Sevmash is playing a critical role in maintaining peace and ensuring Russia's defense capacity." Despite all challenges started in 1990s, the enterprise "has managed to preserve the basis of the Northern Fleet." According to Patriarch, such successful performance, however, "has nothing to do with the ideals imposed upon our people, that is, the pursuit of profit and material gain.""I am sure that free economic relations can efficiently facilitate production development, but in this context, it is crucial not to lose the basis of our spiritual and cultural tradition and overcome the temptation of market pragmatism which values everything for money," Patriarch Kirill said.According to him, today's Russia has become a market state "but it is so important that its people do not turn into "market persons" by spirit.""The philosophy guided by instincts and valuing everything for money may destroy the country even provided with the most secure nuclear shield," Patriarch said and noted that the Soviet Union "was destroyed without a single gunshot.""Not a single rocket left your carriers for that purpose," Patriarch added addressing marine officers.He said that "At this age of Russia's integration into the global economy, we should focus on strengthening our national integrity and values.""We have been protecting not our sovereignty on paper, but the sovereignty of our value system," Patriarch Kirill highlighted.

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