Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Wonder of Running

Icon on gesso board, egg tempra, 22k gold leaf. John the Baptist
Master Iconographer Elias Damianakis www.orthodoxiconography.com

The perfect blend of form and function that's the beauty the wonder of running. This evening I set out again for an quick evening run. This was my home loop it is just under three and designed to get me out running even in a pinch. It started raining the lightening during the last mile or so which was nice except I didn't want to break another ipod with water damage. Escaping the lightening was exciting but not scary. When I headed down my street I saw the most excellent view to finish up my adventure the kids. All three of them outside. At first I was upset because of the weather and then I thought how wonderful how great the blessing from my street it can't be beat. Life is perfect we just need to pay attention. The baby was in her car pushed by Stavro and she just lit-up when she saw me and Theophani ran the last twenty yards with me.

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