Monday, August 3, 2009

Mileage, Mickey Mouse, Monastery, Misc.

I didn't meet my mileage goal for the month of July falling short by less then four miles. This fact wins me an "L" for loser. The consideration for this falling short was my pervasive lingering fatigue during the last few runs. In the end it was too many missed runs. Anyway I have zero miles logged for this month so far. I will have to step it up so to speak tomorrow. Today I was as the Monastery of the Annunciation in Ocala Florida. It was so peaceful to be with the nuns who graciously accepted us even though we didn't call ahead. We spent several days in Orlando with the baby's God parents and God brother and it was a great time. It is such a great balance to be able to both pray and play together. It is quite a blessing as an Orthodox Christian to begin all activities with a prayer and end with a laugh. Yesterday was Theophani's birthday. Also I forgot to mention that we went to Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in the metro Orlando area. It was a large parish. The complex was impressive but the iconography (wall murals) left much to be desired. The iconostasion icons were lovely. I know this blog entry is all over the place but I wanted to touch based.

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