Monday, August 31, 2009

Ecumenical Patriarch emulates Nestorious or Serguis

"34220 Fener is not sovereign. I am not bound by any EP who emulates Nestorius or Sergius in twisting the Orthodox Faith. We have the original Pope in Alexandria, we don't need an imitation supreme pontiff." Isa Almisry

You seem to stand alone because everyone including the Pope of Alexandria were in Constantinople last Nov. and all are in agreement about the Ecumenical Status. Even Met. Jonah states: "The Orthodox Church in America fully affirms the primacy of the Patriarch of Constatinople".
I am more concerned with the vitriol and venom that is thrust against the Ecumenical Patriarchate. Your assertion that the Ecumenical Patriarch is emulating Nestorius or Sergius is unfounded and slanderous. Defaming His All Holiness and putting heretics in the same company with him is inexcusable. He has lived his entire like under the yolk of oppression willing to sacrifice his life for his flock in a very real and ultimate way and you without shame or regret desecrate his reputation your motivation cannot be pure. My best friend is an Arab we worship side by side in the same church. Pascha I had more Arabs, than Greeks, representing several countries in my home and I have never heard such foul talk or dishonor come from any of them.
Belching up facts or historical impressions don't make you knowledgeable or correct. There are many people who belch the Bible with the same fervor and they know little about the True Church.

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Isa Almisry said...

No, I am not alone. I didn't deny the present primacy of the Patriarchate of Constantinople. What I, and Met. Jonah and many others (millions of Orthodox) deny is the Ultramontanist reinterpretation of that primacy.

Does the EP disavow his Chief Secretary's statements:"Let me add that the refusal to recognize primacy within the Orthodox Church, a primacy that necessarily cannot but be embodied by a primus (that is by a bishop who has the prerogative of being the first among his fellow bishops) constitutes nothing less than heresy. It cannot be accepted, as often it is said, that the unity among the Orthodox Churches is safeguarded by either a common norm of faith and worship or by the Ecumenical Council as an institution. Both of these factors are impersonal while in our Orthodox theology the principle of unity is always a person. Indeed, in the level of the Holy Trinity the principle of unity is not the divine essence but the Person of the Father (“Monarchy” of the Father), at the ecclesiological level of the local Church the principle of unity is not the presbyterium or the common worship of the Christians but the person of the Bishop, so to in the Pan-Orthodox level the principle of unity cannot be an idea nor an institution but it needs to be, if we are to be consistent with our theology, a person",20605.msg309570.html#msg309570

I know of only one Synod that derives its authority from its primate: the College of Cardinals.