Saturday, August 8, 2009

Orthodoxy is not a Religion Series Part 1

Due in large part to misunderstanding and quite frankly ignorance, on the surface, Orthodoxy is either perceived as a guarantee to Paradise or merely one of several paths leading there. Each polarity is incorrect as views this misunderstanding from different angles. On the surface schismatics, heretics and heterodox may not seem to be much very different from Orthodoxy; which is more then a religion, more then a culture of ideas or beliefs, more then a dogmatic structure. Orthodoxy is a way of life leading the human soul to healing and salvation. It is a filter by which we eliminate eternal influences which infiltrate the reason and nous of the soul interfering with the therapeutic essence of Orthodoxy. Although Orthodoxy has within itself all the qualities of a culture, a political or social movement and religion it contains so much more. Within its precepts we find the curative nature of God. In Orthodoxy we are not merely calling people to swap out one set of beliefs for another we are not equating or reducing repentance with the acceptance of Christ as the heterodox do. Rather we are offering illumination and healing. Western influence has reduced Orthodoxy to a moral code behave be good and do x,y, or and you are good with God. Orthodoxy is concerned with healing and illumination a personal Pentecost which is completed each according to their ability and willingness. God is no respecter of persons in that all are called to the curative and healing power of God regardless of gender, race, ethnic affiliation, age education or economic stature. The Dogma of the Church opens or illumine the pathway to salvation and reconciliation with God. Without this guide it is impossible to reconcile with God. Not because God is unable but without the necessary course we find ourselves helplessly lost in the abyss of our sin and fallen nature. Too often in western culture we put God and the Holy Church on trial. God doesn't try hard enough God doesn't include everyone with every proclivity for sin. God doesn't .... The nous of our soul the energy state present in the heart of every illumined believer has been darkened to the point where the light has become darkness and the blind leads the blind. Let's relight the eternal flame leading to God to reconciliation. Let's submit ourselves to the healing of the Orthodox Church so that the noetic energy of the soul resumes. Only through a healthy nous can the illumined experience theosis. Theosis is not the deification of the soul or some splinter of polytheism but rather the state by which the soul or nous illumination and noetic energy is consumed with the glorification of God. Theosis should be understood in these terms. ---Primary source for this entry is Protopresbyter John S. Romanides

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