Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mood Much Improved I Am Awesome

Never give up never surrender. Just when I thought I'd hate running forever a bit of a breakthrough. Not in terms of personal best time because I didn't carry a watch. I wasn't even sure where the run would take me. I just moved and leisurely ran like play. It was as if I was running through my neighborhood as a child but instead of as a carefree 41 year old. It could have been cartwheels. OK I am overstating the experience but I was invigorating to finally not dread the run not try and convince myself and others about the benefits of running. The run was well what can I say GREAT. I took it to the road and ran outside the 4.7 miles just flew by. I had Theophani in tow and she was dragging but it is good for her to get a reality check with her own training. As for me it was wonderful. The music the rhythm everything was simpatico, flowing runners high that just never quit. I know it wasn't a marathon or anything but the same things that drove me in the house made this run smooth. The distractions the foliage, the plants the traffic and yes even the slight breeze which cut through the humidity. This really lifted my spirit and outlook on running. I remembered today why I love the sport/activity. I thought pretty extensively about the idea of never letting your opponent, opposition, comrades, colleagues, training partners, bystanders, etc see you work. They may see you sweat but they shouldn't ever get that it's challenging. Stop complaining and telegraphing your weakness. The harder it is the more they should see you smile. Suck it up. Get angry whatever works just stop draining yourself of your strength, stop convincing yourself of what you can't do and start doing. If you want to cry laugh your butt off. The mental boost is awesome.

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