Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Run from Walmart

Andrew the First Called on gesso bard egg tempera, 22kt gold leaf and Palladium leaf nimbus. Rendered by Master Iconographer Elias Damianakis www.orthodoxiconography.com

After taking the kids to get school supplies I ran home from Walmart. It was a nice enough run with some really fluid moments, some out of time moments and then some instances when finishing the run there and then would have been just fine. Free association was the name of the game tonight. I just let my thoughts wonder to the Phanar, old marathons, getting older, even bullet proof vests. It was interesting to say the least. There seems to be a pull and push tug of war if you prefer between the athletic me and the person who benefits from such a life style and the more laid back lazy hazy day kind of person. But there is on such thing as quiting you never know what else you could quit if you begin quitting. There is no telling what you can accomplish if you just start.

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