Monday, August 31, 2009

Jn 1034 Comments

This has been passed on to us by Holy Tradition, by the ancient Canons of the Church, and by the most recent pan-Orthodox conciliar decisions of the heads of all Orthodox churches worldwide:
Constantinople holds primacy over all jurisdictions throughout the worldwide pan-Orthodox diaspora. Thus, the members of all Orthodox Churches throughout the global diaspora count as communicants of the Phanar.
The June 2009 Pan-Orthodox Conference in Chambesy, of all heads of Orthodox churches, is clear and decisive: The Ecumenical Patriarchate has, had, and will have universal jurisdiction over each Orthodox diaspora region (
For the States this reaffirms the seniority of the Greek Archdiocese, as the Exarchate of the Ecumenical Throne, over all jurisdictions in America. All Orthodox jurisdictions in the USA have not only accepted this pan-Orthodox ecclesiastic reality via SCOBA, but also they affirm its necessity. Even Metrop. Jonah, as the newest member of SCOBA, recognizes and acquiesces to the primacy of the Greek Archdiocese-Constantinople over the OCA.
Recently (20 June 2009), OCA Metrop. Jonah forecast the fate of his own jurisdiction: "Thus, the OCA’s charter and vocation is for it to disappear: it is kenotic" (
Many will beat their breasts. More will stamp their feet. Some may even hold their breaths. But the facts are valid and given as an universal Pan-Orthodox decree. Every Orthodox Church on Earth has spoken: The primus inter pares, the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople, the Mother Church, holds the diaspora in its ancient hands with the most modern of touches.
Those denying this ecclesiastic reality are either subversive forces against universal pan-Orthodox unity, or they're simply delusional.
So, Constantinos, as you emphasize: "To continue in a system of ethnically divided jurisdictions is clearly a heresy, and was branded as such by Constantinople itself, in 1872." Your fears now seem to be your own. These problems have been resolved.
The heads of all Orthodox Churches throughout the oikoumene have spoken, and are in agreement.

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