Wednesday, May 27, 2009

and YES this is a running blog

Got milk (see photo)? OK for those of you who may be tuning in to hear something about a run well here it is. I have been loving my treadmill. the runs have continued to be quick-paced and exciting. There is a calm excitement which happens in personal pace in private time. I under estimated the benefit of movement and going no place but everywhere. there is a modification that happens subtly with each run on muscular levels and in spiritual dimensions. There is a space that is created in the repetition and monotony. There is an internal drive which pushes and motivates removing external connections and all secondary gains. All the momentum is drawn from within and it is empowering. It is not a theoretical change or philosophical shift it is material in several ways and is manifest in posture, pulse and perspective. I actually need to decompress from the workout as my mindset following is not geared for social niceties. I know as the workouts pass I will better be able to convey this phenomena. It is a internal fortitude that extends beyond the run and the practice into the practical application of dealing with struggle and triumph. It truly becomes about the journey and not the destination.

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