Thursday, May 28, 2009

running w/ dogs & pics of xena trail-dog extraordinaire

Today on runners world there was a blog about running with dogs. I run with xena warrior princess. those of you who have followed this blog for a while will know this. She is a great companion and protector. Running with her has been a metaphor for me and my walk with God. She follows me and listens to my voice commands and watches for hand signals. She confirms serving as a witness of sorts to our relationship together to her identification of my as her master/shepard. Likewise I hear the voice of my Master and Shepard and identify myself with Him in servitude to him. Just has her choke collar reminds her of the work she is to do my cross reminds me of the journey I am on (one of obedience and loyalty). As promised I have posted some photos of her. I think it's true that anyone who has met her will testify that she is great dog.

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