Sunday, May 24, 2009

training is a spiritual gift let's relish the benefits

Last evening's run turned out to be focused, relaxed and strong. It was as if when typing I think and my fingers do the walking. I was thinking about upcoming events, past events, that quote I blogged yesterday and my daughter's recent photography project where she took some photos of me training (which I have been posting here). The photos look like some 80's throw back to running books (kind of funny) but there were surprises too. I noticed in several of the photos the muscles in my legs that have developed through the years. I realized that my shoulders and arms also had definition. This surprised me because well I'm 41 and never looked like that. I am not one to stick meticulously to a training schedule (a flarlek is something you do alone right?) but the benefits of training have taken hold. I have always used training schedules and books as guides but they don't lord ever me as masters.

I was very encouraged to see that Teressa who is new to my blog as I am to hers commented several times. It is encouraging and helps to direct my attention to what my readers need. Where two or more are gathered there He is among ... This phenomena is very real in all areas of our lives. People uniting with a common understanding. We gain strength from each other and encouragement. I get more from my readers no doubt then they can learn here. It is a give and take. I choose to give here some understanding of interior prayer and the Orthodox Church to a broader audience. I hope to use running as a parallel example for the path to salvation as Paul Equal to the Apostles did so eloquently and substantially. For me to exclude religious references or running experiences would be disingenuous on both accounts. Each nourishes the other. If running was solely about getting ripped and losing weight then it would be time wasted. It is about exploring the possibilities of what man is capable of by employing Biblical Principles. Running has provided me with a concrete venue to practice such virtues as patience and obedience while fighting off slothfulness and idle talk.

A while back I was blogging a lot about the jurisdictional issues in the various churches with several people from another site. I stopped writing and conversing with them as i realized they were not interested in the truth only in continuing their combative arguments premised solely on self referential claims. Sometimes you have to know when debates are not beneficial but are ploys by the enemy to suck out the energy and effort of a person redirecting their focus to trivialities and individuals who make pests of themselves. I stand firm in my convictions and will not back down from a confrontation on substantive matter but I will not entertain conversations with underhanded ill informed people. Remember that before the expulsion there was the fall and before the fall there was dialogue. The serpent engaged Eve in a dialogue.

I will be hoping to blog more as each run happens so that I can more succinctly share with you my experience and thoughts for your edification and for mine. Go inward into the heart of your soul and you will find joy and be at peace. The strength we learn from moving when we'd rather stop, or eating more of the right stuff and less of the 'bad' or the time we spend making room for training are all components of love. Just was we love the Lord we find the time to be with Him and when not in prayer with him, we think about making that time and conducting ourselves in a manner befitting our adoration. "Those who have ears to hear let him hear".

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