Saturday, May 30, 2009

the beach, the run and vespers

Today's run went by quickly enough and without anything noteworthy save the tiredness in the back of my arms. I wanted to run before vespers because it's the end of the month and I am mileage hungry. It was satisfying to see that I have raised my mileage well above my intended goal. The month of April was the lowest since August of last year and I was starting to feel like a fraud. It is great to see the miles going up. Some people would define them as junk miles because I just want to rack them up but it is not accurate. Doubling mileage is no small thing. Each run had primary goals: to be dedicated to a task, to reach inside, to gain strength, to follow through, to understand the task, to be in some small way a role model. The increase in mileage is just a secondary gain and benchmark perhaps even a braggin right (bogus I know). I felt a little tired as the kids and I spent several hours at the beach.
It was a great day. The baby loved the water and the sand which is a huge change for her. The kids watched and played with her and each other in a fairytale way. Just yesterday I was thinking about how it might be nice to live by the mountains for hiking as I had the occaision to meet an orthodox priest on line who trecks the Grand Canyon regularily. But then today with the kids in the Gulf of Mexico, the white sand and a pair of Pelicans flying overhead... suffice it to say it doesn't get much better then that.

Vespers where wonderful tonight the singing was truly glorious. We had a visiting deacon and his wife she had the sweetest soprano voice. Her voice was like a ribbon of silk flowing in the breeze. I enjoyed singing with her and rounding out the sound. I still am partial to the Greek/Middle Eastern chants with their warm sublime tones and scales but she definitely had a sound to be appreciated. I have come to think that the OCA chants (I use that term loosely) sound more like barbershop quarterts then sacred music. I am not refering to the words here. I do maintain though that musical tradition is sacred. After all style matters just look at iconography we as Orthodox refer to the Byzantine school or the Cretan school or the elongated Russian style or even the Macedonian school but not the Neoclassic which is definitively Western and humanistic.
I haven't heard from the yahoo group for women ultra runners yet and that is disappointing. We all need guides spiritual guides and life coaches. I am a reformed clinical social worker who has adopted Life Coaching as a vocation. It would be nice to have a thriving business I have been using this down time to hone in my skills and build my resume. I have the training and skill but a Life Coach should also have a resume of accomplishment. I got the black belt in karate and finished two marathons and have a happy healthy marriage and three great kids but still there is a resilience and fortitude a special something that I still want to learn before forging forward. Authenticity is imperative.
Motivational speaking is a real interest for me but I am not sure I am motivating as much as I have a very matter of fact drill sergeant type of get up and get going mentality. My life would have little direction without it. Understand this I didn't say it wouldn't have meaning I said direction. Then there are those times I just bury my head in the sand and refuse to come up but for air. There are those moments when I really don't understand what is being asked or have the foggiest idea of how to complete the request. Much to the chagrin of my husband I am not as smart as previously thought. In some ways I am a walking contradiction.

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