Monday, May 18, 2009

Walking the Walk: Baptism, Repentance & Communion

Baptism. Baptism a cure for death if we continue to partake of the gifts for recovery. Through the Holy Eucharist and the Mystery of Contrition we can treat what ails us: our sin. Sin is a disease that permeates this life and the next as we are in eternity already. We belong to one Church though we live in the Church Militant we are one with the Church Triumphant. Today's run was strong and the only negative its that it takes quite a bit of time. I am somewhat competitive even when alone, that i tend to rush instead of relaxing and enjoying it more. I can't wait to run and then I want to see how fast i can get to the end. I never really know where the end is though today's three turned out to be a little more then six. I think the only thing that kept me from doing seven was my impatience. Let's remember that our Redeemer Lives and that all we have to do is serve Him. It takes more then faith, more then understanding, more then belief it requires change. How I want to change and be different.

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