Wednesday, May 13, 2009

treadmill groove

i have been coming to terms with the fact that i will be running on the treadmill for a majority of my runs since the heat is breathtaking. it went from warm to hot this week. I know there will be some runs in the evenings that i will be able to catch on the open road but until Sept. i think i'll be making like a hamster and running the wheel. it is a hypnotic monotony. it is soothing in that way. there is nothing to look out for so attention to form is possible. it also is more challenging in some ways because stopping a run in the middle or whenever is as easy as pushing a button whereas on the road you have to get back home. i have to watch and pace my mind not to become overwhelmed with the inevitability of running inside for what seems now like the long haul. i am going to put the flat screen up because the screen on the treadmill is too small and sometimes catching a movie or network show is a good distraction or starting place for thought. The other day i watched the first half of the Passion of the Christ and the Mission is another good one for running. There is always Kingdom of Heaven and Signs. Actually i could list at least 20 movies for a viewing while running. i began today's run with music compliments of george dalaras and his Paschal CD. from the Crucifixion to the Resurrection it was compelling. the determination and elation that occurs when the heart is pumping steadily with such force. it's awakening. there is always the gumball music to zone out with but just as in life when running; distractions work only temporarily. ultimately if you want to succeed and grow for the long term you have to go inside. i ran an 8.15 pace for the first four and the last 1.1 miles i slowed to cool down for 9.33. it was demanding enough to hold my focus but not enough to make it dreadful. i thought a lot about how much ground i have lost as i ran the marathon in 4.02 and the first half with 8.37 pace the total race was 9.10 min/mile. prayer life is much the same is you don't use it you lose it. I am currently reading The Way of the Pilgrim. i love running with the Patriarchal Flag hanging prominently in front of me just to my left and my Greek Flag hanging on the left wall. they are reminders of where i come from and the tremendous character of my people. I consider it my most esteemed honor and my greatest privilege to have any association with those symbols. Also in this room are the various signs my children have made for me to cheer me on during my marathons all dedicated to the Patriarch whose strength and determination are inspirational. I pray for his speedy recovery.

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