Friday, May 29, 2009

shin splints, speed drills and ultras oh my!

Well its official I have shin splints. I wasn't sure yesterday but I am now. I have increased my mileage and have trained at a harder intensity which would explain the electric shock running up my legs. I ran again in the afternoon which is preferable and it shows in my enthusiasm. For whatever reason when I run later in the day I feel as if I have to get the run in. It starts to feel like homework. When I run during the day its a break like a nap. I feel as if I have accomplished what I set out to do with regard to my running.
I am glad to see that my readership is growing. I don't feel so isolated. I don't mind running and training alone it works just fine but I don't like operating in a vacuum. I have looked into doing the utlramarathon training. To do those long runs utterly alone will be difficult to remain motivated for the long haul. If I am able to hook up even with virtual partners on line then I will be doable. Living in Florida makes it more difficult because of the intense heat and humidity. I have hooked up with ultra ladies and am waiting to be approved for their yahoo group. Here's their link in case you are interested.

There is an appropriate place for private runs and corporate runs just as in private devotion and corporate worship. Today I worked on relaxation and speed; the calm found in power and strength.

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