Thursday, May 14, 2009

AOI & Fr. Johannes Jacobse Disgraceful

THE FOLLOWING POST WAS INITIALLY PUBLISHED AND THEN REMOVED FROM THE AOI WEBSITE. Self removal. Effective immediately I will be removing myself from further discussions with the AOI. Individuals who would like to continue to have a healthy orthodox centered dialogue with me may visit my blog at This choice is a simple one for me to make in light of the circumstances which lead to the removal of Fr. Johannes Jacobse I made this mistake once before by not fully informing myself of the who’s and what’s of a website. My intention and concern has always been with raising awareness and engage fellow Orthodox Christians about the need to discuss and behave cordially with one another in respect to interpretations and misinterpretations widely circulated by splinter groups regarding the Holy Mother Church. Groups like this one and OCL seek to destroy from within. I allowed my desire to help to overcome my common sense. For more on this see my post about Lessons Learned. I will be posting this on my blog as it may not even be published on this site. I pray that all who have been lead astray come back to the true fold. I have learned to be more vigilant and not take for granted the ‘good intentions’ of others claiming to have concern for Orthodoxy. I rebuke all who would sooner ransack the church in a frenzy of their own delusion. Met. Alexios of Atlanta is just and correct in his assessment of Fr. Johannes Jacobse. I stand behind my Bishop humbly seeking his forgiveness for any of my missteps. I will continue to monitor this site and those like this and post responses and counterarguments on my blog. I am sure that ridicule will follow as it is a common tactic of extremists to distract from the real issues and to put the opposition on the defensive. Too bad Fr.Johannes Jacobse is consistently more concerned with spelling and grammar then proper protocol and obedience.

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