Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Getting Ripped: Run Forest Run

Today was a good day for running. I did some speed work on the treadmill and clocked a quick 4.119. Doing speed work avoids my weakness 'patience' which was discussed on my most recent blog. What made this speed workout notable is that i didn't look at the eletronic feedback but twice and I was running at higher intensity with less stress on cardio. Focus is something i have been working on in several areas and running is an ideal place to hone in on that skill. The body demands it and the mind as to pay attention to the run and is free to work out one idea or issue at a time. I served as the model for theophani's photography portfolio for "a day at marathon" or whatever ever she is calling her work. It is a documentary of sorts which illustrates many roads taken to get to the marathon. After all '26.2 miles is the short run' (some sneaker motto) and 'the long run puts the tiger in cat' (runners world contributor). The real message here is not so trite we must each and everyday commit to improve ourselves and not keep our Orthodox Christianity such a secret. We need to be good examples to others and have a life filled with good deeds and kindness. This is difficult for me as nice is not an adjective regularly attributed to me. Outspoken yes, forthright yes, headstrong yes; kind ...not so much. So let's get out their despite our weakness and run the good race, to the finish and by getting up when we stumble down. So lace up everyone and pray remember it is our primary responsibility.

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