Saturday, May 23, 2009

treadmill pitfall

I have found one drawback to running on the treadmill...unexpected company. I was determined yesterday to run an easy pace (just under 9 min/mile pace). I didn't look at the screen but twice to get an idea of how far i thought i might run. There is an unsung advantage to treadmill you can just decided to go longer without much thought to outside conditions. That is until the outside finds its way in. I was plugging along just fine working on patience and remembering how i enjoy running and not playing beat the clock. I check out the mileage just over four great definitely doing five probably six then ...the dog goes berserk and i knew i had to stop i had a visitor. It seems likely that when I am trying to work on a virtue the enemy finds a way to obstruct my path. I do have my intention and my 4.2567 mile. I did do what i set out to do. I did the hard part...committing to do something I can't control everything none of us can. Please check out my next blog on the incredible parallel between running and prayer. Also if i could ask my reader to drop me a comment every now and then. Please give me feedback so I can address your interests.

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Teresa said...

Hello! Thanks for checking out my blog. This is my second tri season and although I'm no expert, I would be happy to help with any questions you may have. I absolutely LOVE the sport of triathlon and I'm very excited to follow your journey into such an amazing sport. Swim, Bike, Run!