Sunday, May 31, 2009

first ecumenical council

Today was the commemoration of the First Ecumenical Council where they affirmed the God-head of Jesus. "Light of light. True God of true God." Church had a great rhythm for the first half of the service and then seemed to languish a bit.

I ran this afternoon while the baby napped and had to stop short because Elias called. It was good to get the four miles in at 60-70% of heart rate a comfortable pace for longer distances too. Too bad I couldn't get more mileage in. It was an 8.59 mile pace.

I redesigned my workout wall so that it displays photos of me running and inspirational slogans. So now I can look out onto the track or the long road. It was amazing to run and see the muscles captured in the photo. That is the kind of results you can't fake. It is oil for the lamp. It is the very impact that comes from consistent training for the long haul. You can't cram for this type of test. Just as the development of faith happens as it mellows.

It is a secure belief founded in roots that run deep. They are not saplings. This type of training takes time. So to does our religious journey it takes time and effort not just intent. There is that reliance on one's inner strength which is drawn from our relationship to God to putting in
the time or in this case putting in the miles.

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