Wednesday, May 27, 2009

the evangical movement

This comment was written by me in another blog "I find at least in the south that people are always belching the Bible at others. We should not hide our faith (light) under the table by no means but we are not all called to evangelize. Even in the time of Paul certain people were sent out to preach lest we teach and preach another gospel in knowledge or in ignorance".
Here in the United States our airwaves are clogged up with 'evangelists' claiming to save the world. There is so much to be examined here. Let's preface this dialogue by stating upfront that titles like 'evangelist' and 'theologian' are traditionally and historically reserved for a select few. We assign such positions so freely that we have secularized and westernised the faith to unthinkable extremes.
First, even if I give these preachers/ministries the benefit of the doubt that they are all 'believers' and sincere; what they profess is heretical and misleading at best. We require those who have prepared themselves through prayer, fasting, study and paternal blessing (not to be confused necessarily with ordination) to preach the Good News.
Bringing someone to the faith is a cumbersome task and a great responsibility. It requires a good and sound captain to navigate the storm and rocks which will swell up in an attempt to disrupt the journey. Since the fall and expulsion the enemy has been given room to tempt us at will. Make no mistake he wishes to make every effort to lead us astray to eternal damnation. The spiritual warfare is a reality more real then any aspect of this concrete existence. It is the essence of our being. How we wage this war and to whom we trust ourselves in this fight have eternal ramifications.
I myself am always putting myself out there telling people about the church that compiled the Bible. The church of ancient rites and traditions while providing some education on history. My primary role is to pray, to behave with temperance and love to adore my Savior and Worship my God. With the help of the Holy Spirit the Comforter I pray that I have "a Christian ending to my life and can stand blameless before the Great Judgement Seat of Christ". I can accomplish none of this of myself only through His sacrifice and Church. My role is to love and diligently seek to commit acts of mercy and love.
Many times when heading home I pass an intersection which almost always has beggars looking for spare change. I almost always give provided I have cash on me. I consider them to be there for me and many others like me who are in a position to offer relief. They selflessly live the life of poverty to provide the opportunity for others, no matter how brief to offer some help. That may be their service to the church. My service may simply be not to mess it up.

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