Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A quick 4.1 on the treadmill

today i ran a quick 4.1 on the treadmill. I run in my exercises room which currently also is a play area for Mia. It is decorated with Americana like Norman Rockwell and of course a Ecumenical Patriarchal flag. When i run my marathons they are all offerings to Him and the efforts of the Archons who fight the good fight. The path that i take all 26.2 miles of them are easy in comparison to the demonic arrows that are shot at them from the evil one. May the good Lord send him back to hell where he belongs. I was a good run and a bit challenging considering the pace. It is a great event when you can move quickly and then easy just a bit and find recovery. It is a life lesson that clearly supports the premise that fatigue or discomfort are not reasons to stop but perhaps slow a bit for a few moments and then resume. Of course it is my nature to push against and through difficulty and resistance so before ever slowing for recovery i will push harder and faster. All the while focusing on relaxing and contemplation. I thank God for this wonderful gift of running he has given me.

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