Wednesday, September 9, 2009

debased conversations

I can't believe the debased conversations that are occupying the hearts and minds of people. The conversation has been reduced to the proclivity of individuals who cross dress? How is this relevant? It appears that hiding beneath the vanear of disapproving verbage I read here the thoughts of the morbidly curious. It is a sad state. Emerging and continuous issues of gender identity cannot be understated. Gender is the single most defining attribute of the person. The first proclamation made by midwives and doctors are "It's a ...(boy or girl). When confusion about ones gender identity or homoetrotic tendencies become apparent there is quite enough blame and shame to go around. I think we should be more diligent in broadening our acceptance of those seeking the Truth to include sinners. Imagine that, and by sinners I mean all sinners. Let's not hide gossip beneath the veil of intellectual discourse. Truth paired with leniency for all. Obscenity is not deligated only to the sexual arena. I think this topic is exhausted let's move on to more substantive matters. I find bullying more offense and detrimental to the church then affection.

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