Saturday, September 19, 2009

Running into the Sunrise

Today was another successful run of 13 miles. This one was particularly important because I ran it alone. This is the first extended run I have run alone in a long time. It was great. I didn't take a watch so I have no idea what my time and that is unnerving a bit but I have no idea why. Within the first mile a wild bore ran across the trail. It had to be 50 pounds at least. They I saw two small rabbits beside the trail who stopped eating long enough to give me a quick glance. I was surprised they stuck around. Then there was the buzzard who was hopping about an odd little fellow. There also was this beautiful spider web about three feet across very cool. I saw two more spiders with very different webs later on. The trail was full of the usual cyclists and runners. Today the cross country meet was there and hundreds of high schoolers pounded the pavement. Theophani ran JV for her school "Way to go Theophani"!! Running 13 miles is much easier then the lung bursting 3.1. I have been doing a lot of reconsidering about my faith and my religion it is amazing how sidetracked I had become with the dos and don’ts instead of understanding the journey. My belief is somewhat transformed I think. Cool.

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