Monday, September 7, 2009

Perception the Mental Strength or Weakness

Today was another run with the Strider Group. I took Theophani with me so she could get some training in. She ran with some of her friends who also decided to head out early for a run. I decided on running five which seemed a bit further. My real agenda for this mornings run was to establish my standings within the group. An easy five became more challenging but I felt great knowing that there was only one extraordinarily fast female runner in front of me. I was glad that the rest were well behind me. I was not at the front when we started but I ticked them off one by one. Never let them see you working too hard. Keep it all inside. Then  I thought about Elder Ephraim and how we should bear each others weakness. I thought a lot about the way I choose to conduct myself with family, friends and acquaintances. I thought about getting a job. I want to thank all the people from the Strider Group who helped me challenge myself and run a better five. On Sat. I will be trying to get in a 15 miler with two very nice women.

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